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Welcome to Centennial Montessori Academy

Centennial Montessori Academy is an Authentic  A.M.I. Private Montessori School. All of our lead Teachers (which we call a Directress or a Guide) hold the highest-level Montessori training diplomas, which they earned from the Association Montessori Internationale. They are truly passionate Montessorians and professional teachers with numerous years of classroom experience

Our Programs

Our Private School provides a High Caliber Authentic A.M.I. Montessori Education. We offer school programs for

Toddler Community

Toddler Community: Ages 14 months – 3 years

Children’s House

Children’s House: Ages 3 years – First Grade

Summer Programs

Our school follows the guidelines of the local school

Grace & Courtesy

Daily lessons are guided on Grace & Courtesy, instilling within the children proper manners and social graces


Practical Life

“The practical life area is one of the four general areas in the prepared environment. Activities here build on the child’s natural interest and help him develop good work habits, concentration, eye-hand coordination, a lengthened attention span and control of his body”



“And if we look at the sensorial apparatus which is able to evoke such deep concentration (remarkable in very small children between the ages of three and four, there is no doubt that this apparatus may be regarded not only as a help to exploring the environment, but also to the development of the mathematical mind”


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“Writing is therefore extremely easy for children. It is not so with reading, which demands an extensive period of instruction and requires a higher intellectual development, since it involves interpreting the signs and modulating the voice in order to understand the meaning of a word…Writing develops easily and spontaneously in a little child in the same way as speech”

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“The results we obtain with our little ones contrast oddly with the fact that mathematics is so often held to be a scourge rather than a pleasure in school programs. Most people develop” mental barriers” against it. Yet all is easy if only its roots can be implanted in the absorbent mind”

Centennial Montessori School Culture


“One was that the child’s mind can acquire culture at a much earlier age than generally supposed, but his way of taking in knowledge is by certain kinds of activity which involve movement”

School Hours

School Hours

Mon-Fri: 7.30 AM – 6.00 PM

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