Understanding the Montessori Approach to Education

Are you looking for an educational approach that goes beyond traditional classroom methods? Something that sparks curiosity, ignite sand equips your child with lifelong for learning? Look no further than Centennial Montessori Academy! Our Academy uses the Montessori Method of education and it was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori; has been regarded for its child-centered educational approach that identifies the child’s learning as it is directed from within. This is because they are motivated from within by a natural curiosity and love for knowledge. Her scientific observation during her previous work experience as the first female physician in Rome, Italy; designed this unique learning environment and Montessori materials. Children who are educated in the Montessori Method, continues learning long after the hours and years they spends in the classroom.

“Education begins at birth.” (The Absorbent Mind ,by Maria Montessori.)

  1. How does Montessori education works?
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In every Montessori environment (classroom), it works on the principles of “freedom within limit.” This ground rule act as an encourager for respect of self, for others, and for the environment. Montessori Method of Education uses the “Whole Child Approach, the Prepared Environment, the Montessori Materials and the Directress or Teacher.”

The Whole Child Approach

Montessori education, aims in helping each child reach his or her full potential in all areas of life. The child’s emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and cognitive needs and interest are considered to be inseverable and are equally important. 

The Prepared Environment

In the Montessori classroom; “the prepared environment” aim is approached in two ways:

It is prepared thoughtfully by the teacher allowing each child to experience the excitement of learning by his or her own choice rather than by being forced. Second, through the choices he or she makes in the prepared environment it will develop and perfect all his or her natural skills for learning; independence, sense of order, harmony and trust.

The Montessori Materials

The design of the Montessori didactic materials is based on the young child’s exclusive inclination towards learning. These didactic materials have been design for learning by purposeful manipulation  and investigation by the child. It has a built-in “control of error,” which will lead the child to cultivate concentration and the “ability to complete the cycle of activity on which his or her heart is set”.Dr. Maria Montessori said, “the hands are the instruments of human intelligence…

(The Secret of Childhood; p.113).

The Directress or Teacher The Directress or Teacher is tasks as a role model, guide, presenter, observer, protector of the prepared environment and records her observations for the day of each child’s growth and behavior if possible. She is also a student; active and curious,  preparing the classroom in meeting each child’s academic levels and developmental needs including unique interests. The Directress program of study is meticulous and requires specialized and extensive training with either, AMI,AMS, MACTE or NAMC to become Credentialed Montessori Directress or Teacher.

2. What makes Montessori education unique?

Montessori classroom operates on the principle of freedom within limits. Ground rules appropriate to the age level and are based on Montessori beliefs: respect of self, for others, and for the environment.

The multilayer age span in each classroom typically three years, provides a family like setting, learning can take place naturally from observation of a lesson given to observing another child working, to manipulating the Montessori material through the control of error or the Directress. More experienced children share what they have learned, while reinforcing their own learning. Younger children look up to the older children when directed by the Directress to give a previews of a lesson or work to come. This creates a stable community and meaningful bonding.

3. How can an Authentic Montessori classroom be identified?

  • Teachers are credentialed Montessori Directress or are in training under the guidance of a credentialed Montessori Directress practicing the key concepts of the Montessori philosophy, methodology and practices for the age level they are guiding.
  • Established partnership with families who are enrolled with the Academy as family is an integral part of the child’s total growth and development.
  • Multi-aged and diverse group of students in classrooms.
  • Large blocks of uninterrupted work time and problem solving, connections in the prepared environment.
  • Classroom environment encourages social and emotional development. Cooperative interactions, learning, reinforcing teaching between older to younger peers.

4. Importance of early years

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Enrolling your child during the early years  from 6 week to 6 years old are the most important period of life. This is the time when men’s intelligence is being formed and not the age of university studies. Based on an independent study by Dr. Benjamin S. Bloom of the University of Chicago, in his paper on, Stability and change in Human Characteristics,” from conception to age 4 the individual develops 50% of his mature intelligence; from 4-8 he develops 30%… this shows the rapid growth of human intelligence in the early stages of life has great influence of early childhood development.” So, the Montessori environment is developed after extensive observation and prepared environment to quench the thirsting of a child’s want to learn and develop the inner ability they were born for… to learn and master their given skills. When a child passes these “sensitive periods; a critical time during human development, ready and receptive to acquiring specific skill or ability e.g. Language or sense of order, Montessori Method of Education is ready to meet these developmental needs of all student.

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