Importance of Individualism in the Montessori Method

Learn more about the best Montessori methods to make your child excel in all aspects of their life.

The Montessori Method is one of the most beneficial contributions to education. Maria Montessori’s scientific pedagogy has a practical approach that leads to physical activities performed by children. It’s not just used in a preschool or nursery but is a method that can be taught at home. Individualism is encouraged in this educational method as it helps create a strong foundation of independence in children.

Dr. Montessori emphasizes on how unrestricted liberty must be provided to children. For example, a guide in the Montessori method is there not to teach but to direct the children. If there is an activity taking place, the child is not made to do it but is given their own space to complete the activity. This encourages children to solve things on their own. With this independence, one can find solutions in critical as well as creative ways. This helps with finding out which method works best for oneself. Completing a task on their own also gives children a sense of accomplishment, which is good for increasing their self-esteem.

It is true that the environment that one lives in matters to their development. If your surroundings are not hygienic, there are chances that you may face physical and mental distresses. Hence at Centennial Montessori in Plano, the classroom is spacious enough to let children and the guide move freely around. The tools are kept in spaces that are easily accessible to children and specific areas are created for specific activities. The entire look our Montessori classroom is of a lighter shade and created in such a way that natural light can enter the room. This environment is good for children as it creates an energy that is healthy and comfortable and leaves a personal space to grow.

Montessori learning is all about “the hands-on experience”. Practical experience is important to develop motor skills, critical thinking and creativity. Through these experiences, the child can explore different aspects of the basics of Science, Mathematics, Geography as well as Language. Here at Centennial Montessori, Plano – with the use of different tools they get to learn all these subjects in a fun and an engaging manner.

The Montessori method gives a good exposure to different age groups of children. As mixed-age group learning is encouraged, the children learn through observing each other and end up picking habits from their peers. They can build leadership skills by participating in group activities. Even though there are mixed groups, the Guide gives each and every child equal attention to all their needs.

This Method is inculcated and introduced to children, as young as three months, so they learn in such an environment that encourages them to be as inquisitive, creative and self-dependent as possible. To be the best versions of yourself one has to try things on their own and with the base of Montessori method an individual can definitely achieve it.

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