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Ms. Golanski is the Vice President of Montessori Infrastructure/Education and the Executive Head of School at Centennial Montessori Academy. She has both a business management and early childhood education background. She held a manufacturing corporate management position for fine leather and engraved stationery, for corporate retail accounts including: Neiman Marcus, Tiffany’s, Mark Cross, Lands’ End, and Coach.

She managed the manufacturing and production of fine gifts, including Heads of State, for the Office of Protocol, for the White House. Additionally, she brings to Centennial Montessori Academy over 20 years of experience within the education field, from various commercial centers, performing arts schools and Montessori schools.

After numerous years of teaching, she transitioned into Montessori school administration as an Assistant Head of School, Executive Head of School and the Principal of a public elementary Montessori charter school.

Ms. Golanski is a certified Montessori Primary Guide and Head of School. She received her diploma from A.M.I. (Association Montessori Internationale.) This association was personally established by Dr. Maria Montessori to train future teachers and administrators with in-depth knowledge and understanding of Montessori theory, principles and applications. Furthermore, Ms. Golanski is absolutely passionate about the Montessori philosophy and methodology. She takes tremendous pride in running authentic Montessori programs, which guide the students in beautiful prepared environments, with grace and courtesy. She will be placing heavy emphasis on enhancing the Montessori presentations of materials and therefore yielding high academic achievement.


Ms. Kundnani grew up in India where she received her B.A. in Education and Psychology. When she moved to the United States, with her husband more than a decade ago, she started working and teaching children of various ages. She also continued to further her education, which included earning her Early Childhood Education credentials.

A few years ago, Ms. Kundnani was offered the opportunity to work as a Montessori Lead Guide in Children’s House and she fell in love with Montessori philosophy. It was then that she decided to continue Montessori teaching. She holds the A.M.I. 3-6 Primary Diploma from Montessori Institute of North Texas. With her strong belief in the independent child and passion for making a difference in the lives of children, she is ecstatic to be part of Centennial Montessori Academy.

Apart from professional teaching, Ms. Kundnani has volunteered in non-profits. She has helped organize summer camps and has taught foreign language and culture. She has a passion for cooking and baking and takes a lot of interest in nutritional cuisine for adults and children. Also, she loves to travel, listen to music, makes jewelry, arts and crafts.


Ms. Oviedo has been a Montessori teacher in the Toddler Community for several years.  She acquired a deep love for helping and guiding children once she embraced the Montessori philosophy. She has also taught children with learning disabilities, which has inspired her to help every child no matter the obstacle. Ms. Oviedo is passionate about the Montessori methodology.  She is truly moved how children are capable of working so independently. Recently, she has decided to pursue the path towards obtaining her A.M.I. Assistant to Infancy diploma. She is happy and grateful to work here at Centennial Montessori Academy to expand her knowledge in an A.M.I. authentic Montessori school.

Ms. Oviedo was born in Laredo Tamaulipas, Mexico. She moved to the U.S with her family at the age of three and was raised in Springdale, Arkansas until the age of twelve. Her mother owned and operated a childcare program, where she would spend most of her time assisting. This is where she developed her affinity to educate, love and nurture children. Ms. Oviedo relocated to the state of Texas in 2009, her hobbies include: reading, painting, ocean life and DIY projects.  


Ms. So began her Montessori journey several years ago when she started working for a Montessori school as an Assistant Teacher in the Toddlers Community and Children’s House.  Pleasantly amazed everyday by how children develop freely to their fullest potential in the Montessori prepared environment, she deeply fell in love with the pedagogy and set her goal to become an academically trained Montessori Guide. She enrolled into Montessori Institute of North Texas and successfully completed her A.M.I. training, acquiring the A.M.I. Primary Diploma. She feels grateful and blessed to continue her journey of serving the children at Centennial Montessori Academy which shares the same belief with her in authentic Montessori education.

Ms. So is originally from Burma (Myanmar) and relocated to the U.S. with her husband six years ago.  Prior to her relocation to the U.S., she resided in Singapore for ten years where she worked in the field of program management in banking technology. In addition to the A.M.I. Primary Diploma, she holds an Associate of Art degree in General Studies from Collin College (Plano, TX) and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Yangon University, Burma. Her hobbies include: reading, creative writing and poetry, cooking, and traveling.                


Ms. Ali is the Directress, Lead Guide, for our Toddler’s Community. She has enjoyed nurturing children, for several years, and guiding their development from a very young age. She holds both a Toddler Community certification, and a Primary diploma earned from the London Montessori Institute, where she trained under A.M.I. certified teacher trainers. Later, Ms. Ali, went on to further her education and earned the Lower Elementary diploma, as well. She has taught in various Montessori schools throughout the United States.

Ms. Ali volunteered in her community for two years as a regional coordinator for the ECDC. The ECDC (Early Childhood Development Center), a not-forprofit organization, where teachers use a variety of activities including children’s literature, indoor and outdoor play, art, music, movement, creative dramatics, and field trips to promote the individual, interpersonal and cognitive development of each child.

Ms. Ali is passionate about instilling a love of learning in her students. She believes a Montessori classroom provides the ideal environment for children to learn and build independence. Ms. Ali yearns to instill in her students, the burning desire, to become
lifelong learners.

As a Montessorian, she believes that caring for and educating children is like cultivating a garden; if you nurture and water it with love and harmony, it grows and flourishes. Outside of teaching, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Her hobbies include: cooking, sewing, interior design, and music.

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